Photo oil on canvas by Claude Vignon ca. 1610

Back last spring in our Christian Formation survey, many of you expressed an interest in studying books of the Bible. With Advent this year we began the lectionary cycle “Year C” which uses the book of Luke extensively. Written in an almost journalistic style, to reach as many people as possible, the gospel of Luke is full of human interest stories and compassion. Now seems like a good time to have a Gospel read-along, immersing ourselves in the whole book, exploring it together and encouraging each other in engaging with scripture daily.

For our guide we will use A Journey with Luke edited by Marek P. Zabriske, which divides Luke into 50 manageable daily readings. Each day has four sections

1) a short reading from Luke, (+/- 15-25 verses)
2) a reflection by one of 26 respected authors (+/- 200 words)
3) 2 or 3 questions
4) a prayer

We will meet by Zoom, 7 – 8 pm, on Wednesday evenings January 12 through February 23 to support each other in the project, to review the previous week’s readings, and to discuss any questions, thoughts, surprises, and/or revelations that have come up amongst the group members. Leaders scheduled so far include Rev. Kristine to start us off, Kathy Stoner, Celeste Ventura, and Deacon Scott, with more to come. Join us for A Journey with Luke!

Find the book at the links below:

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