Wedding Bouquet

On a beautiful November weekend, I had the opportunity to assist our Wedding Ministry.

As guests arrived for the rehearsal, my heart was full as I heard, “What a beautiful church!” “Look at that stained glass,” and “Oh my, this is an old lady!” All things that I feel each time I enter the church. I looked around through their eyes and noticed the way the light played with the stained glass, and how the wood interior also changed from a deep, dark color to a warmer reddish honey color as the sun started to set. As I listened to Kathryn’s expert directions for the next day, I noticed how close each family was; and in turn, how welcoming and warm they were to the new family they were growing into. 

On the wedding day I made sure the wedding party had what they needed as they waited for the service to start. I observed, once again, how close they were, this group of family and friends. When it was time to start, they toasted, “we got this!”

As the attendants entered the church, I chatted with the bride’s beaming father.  Then he took his daughter’s hand and was visibly moved by the last few moments with his daughter before giving her away. The bag piper played them down the aisle then Coral started to accompany him, making the most amazing music. It was as if they had played together forever.  

Everything is put back as it had been, but me, I’m forever changed by this and I look forward to what else I will notice if I get to help again. All we have to do is be open to what the Holy Spirit has to offer.


By Sandy