Announcement: opportunity to participate in a book about the pandemic and its impact on the members of St. Mary’s by-the-Sea Episcopal Church

By Karin Forno


Dear members of St. Mary’s,

I have been inspired to write a book that is a profile of members of St. Mary’s in the pandemic, focusing on how different people are experiencing it and responding to it and on how it has impacted them spiritually and us as a church.

My working title is:  The Little Red Church in the Pandemic, Pacific Grove, California, 2020-2021

I conceive as the book as a series of profiles grouped probably thematically, with possibly a section on the church as a whole and the various ministries.

As many of you know, my credentials are that I have a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from CSU Chico and I have had poetry and creative non-fiction published in journals and books. I have led workshops on writing, taught English at CSU Stanislaus and currently lead the Spiritual Writing Group at St. Mary’s.

Here’s how I see this working:

  • All members of St. Mary’s are invited to volunteer to be interviewed. The invitation will be announced and emailed. Of course, anyone may decline to be interviewed.
  • Interviewees are asked to tell their own personal stories, not the stories of others.
  • Interviews may be conducted by phone, Zoom, FaceTime, or socially distanced outdoors with masks, according to the interviewee’s wishes. I will be conducting the interviews and I will be writing the book. I will be recording the interviews but will keep them password protected on my computer or digital recorder. A professional editor may or may not be involved in the future.
  • I will be editing the interviews but each person will have the opportunity to review their section before it is presented for publishing or review by an outside party.
  • Photos may or may not be included according to the interviewee’s wishes and decisions of the author and/or editor. Photos may be taken by the author, a photographer, or supplied by the interviewee, as appropriate.
  • Families or couples, or other groups, may choose to be interviewed as a group or individually.
  • Ministry groups and representatives of ministries may also be invited to be interviewed and profiled depending on how the book unfolds in its development.
  • Any member who wishes to appear anonymously may do so and their name will be omitted and only the information they disclose will appear in the book.
  • Each interviewee will have the opportunity to review their profile before it is published to request changes. Changes will be made by consultation between the interviewee, the author, and possibly an editor. Each interviewee will be allowed to review the final version pre-publication and if any changes are not satisfactory, additional changes may be made if possible or the profile can be withdrawn at the interviewee’s request.
  • The intention is for the book to be completed before the end of February 2021, and for it to be published, however at this time there are no guarantees that it will be completed or that it will be published.
  • The book may be published traditionally or self-published depending on availability, cost and other factors
  • The book may be published as an e book, paperback, hardcover, or audiobook, or any combination thereof.
  • If published, the book will be offered for sale via usual outlets locally and if appropriate, nationwide. Any profits will be donated to St. Mary’s general fund.

I will be calling or emailing members to invite them to participate starting in the next few weeks. You are also welcome to volunteer to be interviewed. I can be reached at:

Karin Forno
cell 209-604-3218
home 831-920-2044

Feel free to leave a voicemail if I cannot answer your call.

I hope this will be a valuable project and plan to make it the best book I can. I hope you will choose to be part of this snapshot in time.

Blessings to you all.