St. Mary's- Parish Camp 2019

The truck has been cleaned and returned, the supplies stored away, and the sunburn has faded.   

This year we had good weather and plenty of water in the river for tubing.

We were happy to welcome new faces this year as well as many “old-timers” including Alice Bruemmer and Nina Hubrich who have been to more Parish Camps than they are years old!  

About 25 folks camped each night, and that many more came for the day and dinner on Saturday. 

This year we tried to be more “green” and succeeded in creating much less trash by washing plates and using cloth napkins.   Two families took public transportation to the camp in and effort to be even more green. By Sunday afternoon we had filled less than one trash can for the whole weekend.

Thank you to all who came for your cheerful help with the cooking and dish washing, loading and unloading the truck, singing around the campfire, and joining us in Morning Prayer on Sunday.

Mark your calendars for the 3rd Sunday in June 2020, Father’s Day weekend, so you can join us next year.


Steve and Brita Bruemmer