Please consider signing up for coffee hour this September. Volunteers needed to make coffee, and provide and serve treats on Sundays.

Please consider signing up for coffee hour volunteer this September.  Volunteers are needed to make the coffee just before the service. It only takes a few minutes to make that piping hot delicious coffee ready for everyone to enjoy after church! Coffee is supplied and stored in the kitchen, a little half and half is all that needs to be purchased. Should you choose to be a coffee maker, that would make you a barrista!

Each Sunday, a volunteer is also needed to provide and serve treats. No baking is necessary, store bought treats are terrific. Should you choose this option, that would make you a “foodie.”

All it takes is a short lesson to learn how to operate the coffee system. There is a wee bit of clean up, but all table linens go right in the laundry basket and dishes go in our sparkling new dishwasher.  Easy peasy! The best part is that being at coffee hour makes you an official member of the green stewardship team; you can help us implement our sustainable kitchen program while helping with an important hospitality ministry.

For info, contact Jackie Pierce, Melinda Manlin, Brita Bruemmer, Eugene Loh.