By Andrea Noble

Kristine asked for stories about the Blessing of the Animals, so here is mine from today. Tomas had a good time rolling on the lawn, and was pretty well behaved for an adolescent labbie with very little impulse control. But that’s not the story…

We wandered back to the car, with many pauses to sniff and loiter with intent and just lie down randomly, which is what he does when he knows we are going back to the car / house. We arrived back at the house on 19th Street, opposite Canterbury Woods, and I had just taken Tomas out of the car, when a tiny Yorkshire terrier went streaking up 19th Street, with no guardian in sight. I grabbed a spare leash from the car, and Tomas and I took off after her. I couldn’t see where she went, but Tomas knew that she had turned down Spazier (which meant she was heading toward Forest, and into traffic). I saw her dart across the street, and up a driveway. Just then a car approached, with a man driving slowly and looking about. I was able to lead him to the driveway, where we hoped she was trapped, and hand him the lead. The terrier had run into a carport, and although we couldn’t see her from the street, the homeowner had found her and picked her up.

So – I thought the blessing today would be for Tomas, but Tomas turned out to be the blessing. A tiny Yorkie is safe because he knew where to look for her.

Thank you for loving the animals,