by Eugene Loh

At St. Mary’s, we continue to operate CSC (our “food pantry”) to serve hungry people in our community.  However, “shelter in place” orders exacerbate the economic causes of hunger while limiting volunteers’ abilities to get out and help.  What can one do to help hungry people while confined to one’s home?

Bread for the World ( is a non-partisan, Christian (ecumenical), citizen’s group that reaches out to national lawmakers on behalf of the hungry.  It complements in federal policy the food we distribute from Edwards Hall.  It helps us use our voices, which collectively are powerful in this country, to work for justice.

Check out the web site.  There are materials discussing the link between hunger and the Christian faith.  Importantly, there are resources that facilitate our actions.  For example, as I write, the big banner on the web page is, “Help increase SNAP benefits for families impacted by COVID-19.”  I click to reach a page that summarizes some salient facts on this issue, for example explaining a little about SNAP (the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, formerly food stamps).  From there, I can click on “Take Action.”  That next page streamlines the process of writing to my senators and representative.  Or I can look at other hunger-related issues at

We hear much disturbing news, in general and particularly at this time, but if you take action, you can feel empowered.  Voice your beliefs to your legislators, not just in November at the ballot box, but all year round.  There are resources at your fingertips, even as you shelter in place.  Learn.  Act.  And please let me know your experiences and questions.