The Syncopaths
Who/What:  St. Mary’s Celtic Concert Series kicks off the new year with The Syncopaths! Known for their driving dance rhythms, this versatile quartet does it all–everything from high energy reels to soulful ballads.
When/Where:  January 12, 2020, 3 p.m., St. Mary’s By-The-Sea, 146 12th Street and Central Ave., Pacific Grove, CA  93924.  Doors open at 2:30 p.m.
Tickets:  Advance purchase tickets available at, $23, $25 at door.  Kids’ pricing available.
Info/Media:  Need more info?  Call or text 831-224-3819.
Here’s more about the band:
From dance floors to concert halls, The Syncopaths bring a fresh, contemporary spin to music and songs rooted in the Scottish, Irish, and American folk traditions. Evolving beyond their contra dance origins, they are creating a “chamber folk” sound characterized by the compelling, rhythmic interplay of fiddle and mandolin, rich vocals, and unexpected colors and rhythms from the piano and bodhrán. The exuberant joy they derive from the music and each other is palpable and contagious.
…The Syncopaths are nothing short of a Celtic supergroup.” — Irish Herald, July 2011
At the heart of the band’s sound are the twin engines of Ryan McKasson’s dynamic, Scottish-based fiddling and the understated-but-monster picking of mandolinist Ashley Broder. Jeff Spero provides wonderfully inventive and surprising piano accompaniment, anchored by the driving power of Christa Burch’s non-traditional bodhrán. Christa also lends her singular voice — warm, supple, expressive, and intimate — to the band’s songs. All in all, The Syncopaths are equally at home with pulsing, high-energy dance tunes and beautiful, contemplative songs. They ably stretch melodic boundaries while keeping a steady, compelling, danceable beat.
“The energy, joy, and spontaneity…rolls right off the stage. The combination will make you feel like you’re firewalking.” — Portland Country Dance Community Footnotes, May 2006
The Syncopaths tour nationally, and have released two CDs, Five Gears (2010) and Rough Around the Edges (2005).
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