Celtic Concerts

St. Mary’s has always been the place of “the big welcome.” At the core of Celtic spirituality is hospitality—friendliness that is so overwhelmingly genuine that it has often been called “radical.” The Celtic music ministry evolved organically, growing out of our studies in Celtic spirituality, plus interest in this genre of music. This ministry provides an opportunity for community engagement and consists of both a concert series and a music education program that is unique and spirit-filled.

More about Celtic concerts

St. Mary’s hosts top name touring bands from Ireland, Scotland, Canada and the United States. We host a spring and fall series, with the end of year highlight, Molly’s Revenge’s brilliant Christmas program called “Winterdance.” If you would like to be a part of this fun hospitality ministry, our volunteer group is called “Little Red Church Productions.” Sales from our bistro benefit our music program and community food pantry. Call the church office, 831-373-4441 or call 831-224-3819 for more information.

For upcoming concert dates and ticket purchases, visit www.celticsociety.org.