Arts Council for Monterey County

St. Mary’s Celtic Music program is the proud recipient of a $3,000 grant award from the Arts Council for Monterey County!  This grant will enable us to continue our on-line Zoom music sessions and lessons through the summer months into the fall. This year, many music camps and music programs have been canceled due to COVID-19, so we will be able to meet an important social and educational need in our community through our program.

Under normal circumstances, the modest cost of our weekly music session is subsidized by our spring and fall concert series and our bistro sales at the concerts.  Because we cannot host concerts during social distancing, we were in danger of running short of funds for our weekly program.  Each week, we have up to 15 participants, both retirees and young students, who gather to play music in community with our leader Fiddler John Weed.

Now that we are on Zoom, if you want to join us to play or simply listen in, please contact Jackie Pierce, 831-224-3819 or