by Sarah Schramm

Christian Social Concerns (CSC) has adapted to so many changes over the last month and I am so proud of the volunteers who are adjusting with such grace. We have a much smaller team working on-site, picking up donated food from Starbucks and Lucky’s in PG, and keeping things moving.

The current plan to continue operations includes new signs and procedures implemented to stay healthy, safe, and open. We remain open on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday afternoons from 1 pm to 2 pm. We are only offering food and very basic toiletries at this time in order to reduce the contact each person has with one another.

We are so thankful for face masks that have been made by parishioners, community members, and even as a Boy Scout Eagle Project. If you would like to help make some fabric masks for our volunteers and clients, please contact Sarah Schramm at for more information.

We will only be accepting donations of paper bags, basic toiletries, and food items until further notice. We are unable to keep up with donations of clothing and housewares at this time, but once life begins to return to normal we will welcome your donations of clothing and other housewares.

Together we are working to feed those in need and keep the community safe and healthy.