As we travel this road together, you are invited to look for signs of grace every day

If you or your family are doing some fun and interesting things or creating a garden, music, works of art, or writing poetry, during this SIP time, please share with

The gift of grace during this change in my life is that I have more alone time to read and reread the Psalms every day. I can start out the day reading them and refer to them as I walk in my neighborhood during the day and then reread or listen to them online in the evening. I can keep a constant stream of their messages and it is very uplifting.  – Robin McKee Williams

May 17, 1916 - St. Mary's Ladies Apron and Food Sale!

I found this article while doing microfilm research.  I had to smile. – Sally Moore

Team Bruemmer wins!

Being avid runners and looking for some family team spirit and fun, the Bruemmers decided to run their own marathon with a family style relay

The weekend of April 26th was to be the Big Sur International Marathon, however, with the COVID-19 shelter in place order that was in effect, the marathon was postponed to a yet to be determined date.  Being avid runners and looking for some family team spirit and fun, the Bruemmers decided to run their own marathon with a family-style relay.  Each member ran a portion of the race and all completed their part for the win!!

Congratulations Team Bruemmer!

Bishop’s Mitre

Bishop's Mitre

This picture was taken about three years ago which I hope all will enjoy.

This mitre belonged to the Bishop Mary Reeves-Grey who was the Bishop of the Diocese of El Camino Real till 2019. Why funny-looking Cabbage Patch Doll crowned with important Bishop’s mitre?! When there was an annual visit by the Bishop to St. Mary’s Episcopal Church to preside the service after which she greeted each congregant at the exit. She removed her Bishop’s mitre casually and put it together with her Bible where there just happened to be a Cabbage Patch Doll on the bench near the exit door. This toy is for infants to appease and humor when they get bored and irritated during the service.
– Kozue Knowles

Leslie's Picnic Table in Denver, CO

A submission for the photo scavenger hunt…
“Leslie with her new picnic table…
At my daughter’s (Veronica) place in Denver.”
– Kathryn RyanThaanum

When Peg was in Westland House recuperating from her dislocated shoulder and injured back, she asked me to call as she was going to sleep and read her the 23rd Psalm. We both managed what we both felt was a very emotional time, for her and for me. The longest either of us had been apart in the last 33 years was a long weekend.

In a conversation with our granddaughter Kaiti a few days later, Peg related the story of the 23rd Psalm reading. Kaiti Dewhirst is a composer, guitarist and vocalist, and at the end of the conversation wrote this song and has given us permission to share the song with you.  The song is now available wherever music is found-Spotify, Amazon, iTunes, YouTube…look by her name.

Here’s a link.

– David Wittrock

Garden with a bench


The garden of peace has smiled upon its flowers.
It’s unfurling of pain has reached the father in a stretch that only a soul would know.
Hail the garden’s glory.
Hail the whisper of peace.

In this quiet is the miracle of effort, life and dreams.
Let the gift be swift and full.
Reach out the hand, oh lord, to your gardener who paints the flower of the future.
Your timeless hands wave a speechless silence soothing and healing.
A sweeter peace can only know the inner soul sighing in relief.

Let the gardens grow.
Please let the dreams be full.
Please let us live one more breath.

Robin Alexandra
April 19, 2020

Lupine in Spring, Corral de Tierra, by Annette Foisie

“Lupine in Spring, Corral de Tierra”
Oil on canvas, 12×16″
© Copyright:

This was the first of my work to go to a buyer’s home in France; he wanted it wrapped in bubble-wrap so he could hand-carry it on the plane to Paris. – Annette Foisie