In addition to serving as deacon at St. Mary’s, I will be a chaplain for the Pacific Grove Police and provide pastoral care to the law enforcement officers and staff. I’ve been asked, “What does a chaplain do?” The short answer is this: It’s about presence. It’s about being with the law enforcement officers as they do their everyday work, listening and providing whatever support is needed, on or off duty. It’s about serving the people who serve others. Chief Cathy Madalone has asked us to participate in the national program, Faith and Blue, which promotes a better partnership between faith communities and law enforcement.

Together, we’ve created a version of the “Shield a Badge with Prayer” program. We’re creating laminated prayer cards with the name and picture of individual Pacific Grove police and staff, and asking you to pray daily for the well-being of that person. I will distribute the cards after the 10 AM services on October 17 th and 24 th . Please send me an email at if you’d like me to mail you a card. If you have any questions about chaplaincy, please let me know.