Here are photos of St. Mary’s front yard after David Wittrock arranged to have yards (and yards!) of wood chips delivered on Friday afternoon to cover the gopher holes and make that space more usable.

With Troy Pennington’s supersized shovel and rake we were able to get the job done that afternoon in plenty of time for outdoor coffee hour and pumpkin carving on Sunday.

The wood chips are a temporary solution to the drought and gopher situation in the front yard while Buildings & Grounds works with a landscape architect to put together options for that space that will serve St. Mary’s and the community well into the future. Once a plan is finalized and the work begins, these wood chips will be become mulch for the flower beds which will be another workday opportunity for us.

Thank you for your patience and support. We will provide you updates as things progress.

Fran Foote
Sr. Warden