By Annette Foisie

With conditions as difficult as they now are, with the pandemic of a deadly disease, and the crisis of racial injustice, what will our response as Christians be?

How do we cope with despair, and move forward to find hope?  In the Order of St. Luke, we find hope by putting our trust in God.

The hope that Christianity offers us is not wishful thinking or blind optimism.  It is a hope that is rooted in God, and is grounded in the sure knowledge of God’s love for us.

It is a hope that is built on trust;  Psalm 42:5—”Why are you in despair, O my soul?  And why have you become disturbed within me?  Hope in God, for I shall again praise Him for the help of His presence.”

Hope overcomes despair and does not allow despair to overwhelm us.

Christian hope is like the strong root system of a giant Sequoia, that grounds it, supports it, and keeps it upright.

Some see hope as a bright beacon of light shining in the deepest darkness, guiding us toward finding the way to orient ourselves in God.

During a recent Order of St. Luke conference, a community organizer in Minneapolis, Minnesota, distraught over the killing of George Floyd, came to us over Zoom to request prayers to be able go on with his ministry in that very troubled city; we lifted him to the Lord in prayer.  Later he reported having been powerfully healed, in energy, commitment, and hope.  Thanks be to God.

So how will our quarantine time be best spent?—in prayer, in finding a closer walk with the Lord, in trusting in His guidance, and in His healing and His peace.


Blessings and love,

Annette Foisie, Order of St. Luke