Interested in Baptism? Learn more about the Episcopal Baptismal Covenant at St. Mary's By-The-Sea in Pacific Grove, CA.

Baptism is both a gift of God’s grace and a call to discipleship. In Baptism, we join with Christ in his death by renouncing all that keeps us from God, and we join in his resurrection by being born to a new life in Christ. The Baptismal Covenant ( describes both the promises and responsibilities of this new way of life.

Persons of all ages and backgrounds are welcome to be baptized. Some preparation is required, in consultation with the clergy. If parents desire to have an infant or young child baptized, at least one parent must be baptized and an active member of the congregation. The parents and godparents make solemn vows on behalf of the child, and reaffirm their own baptismal vows, promising to raise the child in the Christian faith. Older children and adults who wish to be baptized are sponsored by at least one baptized person who promises to support, by prayer and example, the one being baptized. If you have been baptized in another tradition but wish to join the Episcopal Church, or if you are in a place in your life where you wish to reaffirm your baptism, we welcome a conversation with you about the possibility of reception into the Episcopal Church or reaffirmation of your baptismal vows. 

There are two dates coming up that are especially appropriate for baptism – the Easter Vigil (Saturday, April 11, 8 pm), and Pentecost (May 31) (Pentecost). Baptisms always occur as part of regular worship, when the community is gathered to witness the promises made and proclaim its welcome and willingness to support the newly baptized.

If you are interested in being baptized, or want to learn more about reaffirming your baptismal vows or being received into the Episcopal Church, please contact Pastor Kristine (