Pink roses

I am writing to report on receipt of a bouquet of pink roses from a total stranger who felt sorry for the loss of my beloved cat, Hana.  This story unfolds while  I was at Trader Joe’s after church.  At checkout, I put  my shopping bag with a pattern of cats which cashier liked and complimented.  I asked if she liked cats.  Indeed, she did!  Since she had a love for cats, I told her that I had lost my cat two days before and I have been wearing my dark glasses on to hide my teary eyes.  She felt so sorry for me and asked me to stay where I was and she left.  Within a few minutes she came back with a bouquet of roses and gave it to me to comfort me.  I was so surprised and touched by her kindness and thoughtfulness.  I thanked her and we hugged each other.  When I asked her name, she said “Colette” which reminded me of the name of a daughter of a  former church member.  I told her that I knew a person, Peggy Queen, whose daughter was named also Colette.  Lo and behold, the world is so small!  It was Peggy’s daughter!

And Colette even knew my name since her mother often talked about me.  The only Colette I know was a picture of then little Colette with her parents in the old church directory published in 1989.  She told me that she was reconnected with me.  Who has ever imagined such a mysterious thing happened?!  It’s well said “Fact is stranger than fiction.”

What a beautiful gift I’ve got from very thoughtful and sensible person when I was in deep sorrow of the loss of my cat!  I emailed Peggy about what had happened at Trader Joe’s and complimented her for having brought Colette up to such a nice, lady.  Peggy replied to me with thanks that Colette was a special person.

I think it was a gift of God through Colette to comfort me.  Following day, shrouded Hana’s remains was buried by the help of my neighbor’s friend in the spot where I can see from my window.  I placed Colette’s ten pink roses on Hana’s remains at the burial which was a beautiful tribute to Hana.

Kozue Knowles