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St. Mary’s supports people of all ages in times of transition, joy, and grief.

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Baptism is both a gift of God’s grace and a call to discipleship. In Baptism, we join with Christ in his death by renouncing all that keeps us from God, and we join in his resurrection by being born to a new life in Christ. The Baptismal Covenant ( describes both the promises and responsibilities of this new way of life.

Who may be Baptized?

Persons of all ages and backgrounds are welcome to be baptized. If parents desire to have an infant or young child baptized, at least one parent must be baptized and an active member of the congregation. The parents and godparents make solemn vows on behalf of the child, and reaffirm their own baptismal vows, promising to raise the child in the Christian faith. Older children and adults who wish to be baptized are sponsored by at least one baptized person who promises to support, by prayer and example, the one being baptized. If you have been baptized in another tradition but wish to join the Episcopal Church, or if you are in a place in your life where you wish to reaffirm your baptism, we welcome a conversation with you about the possibility of reception into the Episcopal Church or reaffirmation of your baptismal vows. 

When do Baptisms occur?

In 2023, Baptisms will be scheduled on the following Holy Days: May 28th (Pentecost), and November 5 (All Saints’ Sunday). Baptisms may occasionally be scheduled on other Sundays. Baptisms always occur as part of regular worship, when the community is gathered to witness the promises made and proclaim its welcome and willingness to support the newly baptized.

Preparation for Baptism

A meeting with the clergy is required before scheduling a baptism, and some preparation is required, in order that persons receiving the sacrament understand the promises made by God and by the one to be baptized. 

For more information, contact The Rev. Kristine Johnson (, 831-373-4441 x11).


Christian marriage is a covenant between two persons who make vows of love and fidelity to one another in the presence of God, their families, and friends who will help them uphold those vows. The joy and love of a married couple both come from God’s love and point to it, and the wedding service reflects that truth.

Who may be married at St. Mary’s?

The Episcopal Church requires that at least one of the couple be a baptized Christian. While it is not necessary to be a member of St. Mary’s to be married here, at least one of the couple should be an active, committed member of a Christian community. Divorced persons may be remarried in the Episcopal Church. If you wish to be married at St. Mary’s, normally our clergy will preside at the service.

Bride holding a wedding ring during a wedding ceremony at St. Mary's by-the-Sea

How do we schedule a wedding at St. Mary’s?

All weddings must be scheduled in consultation with the clergy at St. Mary’s. The Canons of the Episcopal Church require at least 30 days advance notice of a wedding, but the sooner you can schedule, the better. St. Mary’s requires at least four sessions of pre-marital counseling, to be completed at least a month before the wedding. Weddings are typically scheduled on Saturdays. No weddings may be scheduled during Advent (the four weeks before Christmas) or Lent (the six weeks before Easter).

For more information, or to discuss whether a wedding at St. Mary’s is right for you, please contact The Rev. Kristine Johnson (, 831-373-4441 x11).

Funerals at St. Mary's Pacific Grove, CA


Funerals are held at St. Mary’s Church primarily for parishioners and their families. Pre-planning of funerals in consultation with the clergy is encouraged, and can be done at any time.

Check out this resource from the Episcopal Church Foundation and also these documents.

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Recording of October 20, 2020 Funeral Planning Workshop
Columbarium – Leslie Garden

The Memorial Guild, a group of volunteers from the parish, is available to coordinate a reception in Edwards Hall (the parish hall) after funeral services.   Please call the church office for the name and contact information of the Memorial Guild volunteer who will be able to assist you.

Care for Life’s Challenges

Life is never without challenges, but they are easier to bear with the support of a community. Our clergy welcome your questions and concerns and are always willing to spending time with you in times of challenge and crisis. Please contact the Rev. Kristine Johnson if you or a loved one is in the hospital. We also have lay pastoral visitors who deliver flowers and prayer shawls and the love of the congregation to those in need of care.

For more information, contact The Rev. Kristine Johnson (, 831-373-4441 x11).