Memorial Guild

The Memorial Guild is comprised of parishioners who volunteer to serve as a Captain for a particular month. Often two people will team up and share a month. The Captain is the person the rector contacts to begin the preparations for the reception. Typically there are 3 to 4 receptions per year.

Guild duties include asking parishioners for finger-food donations, arranging for the dishwashers and contacting other Guild members to help with hosting. During the reception, hosts will replenish the food on the tables, serve tea and coffee (and
sometimes wine, if provided by the family) and generally keep everything tidy. On occasion, the family may wish to do an AV presentation of the deceased person’s life so we’ll provide a table and extension cord. Depending on the anticipated number of guests, the Captain will need up to 5 people to present the best possible reception. The Memorial Guild is known for providing beautiful receptions with graciousness, kindness and sensitivity.

Onnette McElroy and Kit Franke share the Memorial Guild’s director duties. We welcome your interest and your participation in this most rewarding ministry. Pleasecontact either of us for more information, Kit Franke at (831) 375-6466 / or Onnette McElroy at (831) 649-8129 /

Thank you.