Backyard Cottage

by Rev. Scott Taylor

“No room at the inn” elicits imagery of Mary and Joseph having nowhere for her to give birth, not even a guest room, followed by the thought of baby Jesus lying in a manger next to the animals. We also visualize a motel manager turning away two people on a donkey.

Today in Pacific Grove we have an affordable housing crisis, and literally no room at the inn. Not even a guest room at $1,800 per month.

This year California law changed to promote the development of ADUs (accessory dwelling units). Also known as granny flats or secondary cottages, these units are affordable and effective ways to add housing. Although Pacific Grove’s “Welcome Home” initiative has plans to create affordable housing options, this will take time.

At St. Mary’s we have some members of our congregation that need affordable housing. If you have an ADU or guest cottage for rent, please email Deacon Scott at and I will add your info to our church list.