Our Little Roses banner - St. Mary's parish members hosted a virtual summer camp in 2020!

by Kirsten Matsumoto

A few weeks ago, many of our parish traveled virtually to Honduras to put on a Zoom Summer Camp for the girls of Our Little Roses. Being unable to visit in person this summer, we were blessed to have the opportunity to connect by Zoom and see their bright faces. Twice a day, the girls gathered in their chapel in front of the projector as we tuned in from our homes, and we shared in all kinds of joyous activities: stories, games, singing, dancing, crafting, and everything in between! As a parish, we also sponsored special dinners and an ice cream party.

Two dozen or so wonderful St. Mary’s parishioners joined in throughout the week, enriching the Summer Camp with their contributions and presence. The girls loved seeing everybody participating, making masks or paper airplanes or collages along with them, or making silly animal noises during Bingo. The little ones adored hearing a daily story that was specifically selected to represent them, so thank you to those of you who gave your time (and voices) preparing and reading to them.

We hope to be able to visit Honduras and the happiness that lives within the walls of Our Little Roses someday soon, but it was a delight to be able to connect with them virtually this past summer. The camp would not have been possible without the generosity and love of each and every one of those who participated, and the girls are thankful for you. In the words of Yennefer, in a poem that she wrote this year, “You are one of the special people that always tries to give, that makes this world a better place just by the way you live.”

Here is a link to the photo album: Our Little Roses Summer Camp 2020