Our Little Roses playing on the swings at 2021 Virtual Summer Camp

Dear Friends of Our Little Roses,

A huge thank you to everyone who made this year’s virtual summer camp possible. We raised $3000 to fund snacks, a trip to the beach (with ice cream and a fancy lunch), tutus for the St. Mary’s Fairies talent show (the costumes will be stored for future productions), and a feast at the end of the week. I am grateful to the St. Mary’s parishioners who attended the virtual talent show. The girls were so excited to have an audience for whom to twirl in their new tutus.

I have attached a few photos – as you may be aware, we have to be really careful with showing pictures of the girls who are minors online for their own protection, so we can’t show faces of minors. Hopefully you can get the idea that we had a great time! Dayana is our recent high school graduate pictured with her ice cream.

Again, thank you for your support in this opportunity to serve our sisters in Honduras.