On Pentecost, we celebrated the Holy Spirit with our own St. Mary’s Spirit Day. In addition to our 10 am Zoom service, we had a wonderful service in the church – our first since March 8, 2020. Pastor Kristine’s favorite part was the renewal of baptismal vows and reminding people of their baptisms by sprinkling water on them! It looked a little different in the church, with the altar closer to the congregation, but what joy to be in our beautiful space and see people in 3D. Stay tuned as we may be making changes in the coming weeks, and don’t forget to sign up for this Sunday’s in-person service by emailing officemanager@stmarysbythesea.org or by leaving a message at 831-373-4441.

We continued our Spirit Day with a wonderful picnic on the lawn. Over 40 parishioners, sporting Pentecost red, gathered for food, fellowship, and fun on a glorious sunny afternoon. All enjoyed the opportunity to be together in a relaxed setting and catch up – it’s been a long time since this many of us could gather, other than on Zoom! The sound of laughter echoed off the walls, and we could tell people were smiling, even behind their masks. While we love our Zoom coffee hours, this was a very special time that set the tone for our continuing journey together. If you’re one who would like to see more events like this, please contact Pastor Kristine to become part of the Hospitality Team!