Jesus said, “the kingdom of heaven is like…

  • A mustard seed that grows into a huge shrub
  • Weeds and wheat growing in the same field
  • A treasure hidden in a field

I loved our discussions after church in July where we wondered about the parables in Matthew 13. Each of us brought our own perspective and life experience and we all listened and learned from each other. Maybe that experience is a parable we can use for the kingdom of heaven. It is like a room full of curious people eager to share their ideas and hear others’. It is people who find joy in wondering rather than knowing. It is freedom and safety and love.

One beautiful thing about the parables is that they show us the kingdom of heaven is here, now. It is not just someplace we go after we die. It is active now. Whenever we see growth and transformation, the kingdom of heaven is there. When we can’t tell good from evil, the kingdom of heaven is there. When some of our efforts bear fruit and others falter, the kingdom of heaven is there. When we gather together, the kingdom of heaven is there.

So take some time, look around, and notice where you see the kingdom of heaven – the loving, liberating, life-giving work of God. Where do you see God’s power? Where do you feel God’s welcome? Where do you perceive transformation? Where do you experience abundance? The more we look for it, the more we will find it. Wishing you joy on the journey.


Pastor Kristine