June 24, 2021Reverend Kristine A Johnson

Dear friends in Christ,


Change is hard. Shutting everything down when the pandemic began was hard. This new phase of re-opening is hard, too.

Worship isn’t the same as it was before, or during, the pandemic. We are half on Zoom, half in person. Neither experience is the same as it was. Indoors, the chancel is configured differently, we are wearing masks, and communion is bread only. On Zoom, we are missing many of the faces that had grown familiar. Coffee hour is half on Zoom, half outdoors. Again, not the same as it was before, or during, the pandemic.

It’s not just church that’s not the same. Our social lives are changing. Our shopping and dining habits are changing. For some it’s “going back to normal.” For others, it’s doing something different. Some of us are thrilled. Some of us are cautious. Many are somewhere in the middle.

This is a time when things are fluid. Things inside and outside the church will keep changing, at least for the next few months, as we respond to changes in conditions, and changes in our hearts.  As we navigate this time of transition, it is important to prayerfully reflect on our past experiences so that we might discern where the Spirit is leading us. I offer these questions as a starting point:

  • What is “church” to you?
  • What does it mean to be part of St. Mary’s?
  • Thinking about pre-pandemic and the pandemic era, what about our worship, our education programs, our fellowship times has helped you grow in love of God and neighbor? What has been a stumbling block?

Think about these questions. Talk about them with others. I’d love to hear your thoughts. I invite you to drop by for conversation – I will be outdoors (weather permitting) on Wednesday mornings, 10-11:30. Or you can make an appointment, or call, or email. We spent much time apart these last months, and I look forward to getting (re)acquainted with you as we continue to grow and become more fully the community God is calling us to be.