Kristine Johnson, RectorGod of faithful surprises, throughout the ages you have made known your love and power in unexpected ways and places: May we daily perceive the joy and wonder of your abiding presence and offer our lives in gratitude for our redemption. Amen. (Revised Common Lectionary Prayers, p. 135)

How have you been surprised by God lately? 

Where do you perceive the joy and wonder of God’s abiding presence?

As we step out in faith, beginning a new journey together, it is my prayer that we open ourselves up to be surprised by God, and that we are attentive to the joy and wonder all around us. I invite us all in to a time of intentional curiosity, not only about our church, but about all aspects of our lives, our community, and our world.

I hope to see many of you at Sunday afternoon coffees this month, and to get to know you as we gather on Sunday mornings and meet at other times throughout the week. I am curious and eager to hear how you answer the questions posed in our stewardship letter: For what are you grateful? What brings you joy? What needs do you see in yourself, this parish community, and the world around you? What gifts do you have that enable you to walk in love? The answers, I pray, will open holy conversations and illuminate our path into the future. 


May the peace of God be always with you.