Reverend Kristine A JohnsonRector’s Reflection October 2021

Over the past couple of weeks, as the skies have been clear and the days are shortening, I have been grateful to watch the sun rise. This verse from Lamentations often comes to mind. “God’s mercies are new every morning; great is your faithfulness.” (Lamentations 3:23)

Each new day is a chance to be grateful. A chance to remember God’s faithfulness. A chance to experience God’s mercy. A chance to be bathed in grace as the earth is bathed in sunlight. How do we greet each new day? With gratitude, or trepidation? With faith, or fear?

The beginning of a day is much like the beginning of a season, or a phase, or a journey. When we begin, it is helpful to set an intention, and to consider our frame of mind. If we think about the things that can go wrong, we are worried and anxious, and our minds tend to close off possibility. If we think about things going well, we are excited and joyful, and our minds are open to possibility.

We don’t ever know what is going to happen on a given day. We might have an idea, or a plan, but there are no guarantees. We do know, though, who holds all our days. The One whose mercies are new every morning. The One whose faithfulness endures forever.

We are in what is often called “stewardship season,” the time in the church year when we consider our financial commitments to St. Mary’s for the next year. We are, in essence, at the beginning of a new communal journey. What is our intention? What is our frame of mind? I pray that we are seeing God’s mercies before us. That we are counting on God’s faithfulness. And that we are excited and joyful and full of holy curiosity about what this next year will bring, and eager to take our place in all of that goodness.

How will we respond to God’s mercy and faithfulness, today and every day?





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