Dear friends in Christ,

As I gaze out at the endless blue of ocean and sky, my soul delights at the abundance and vulnerability of the Creator. It is wonderful that the Church has designated a Season of Creation as a way to focus on the revelation of God in creation and open ourselves to what God is showing us today. St. Mary’s will observe this season from September 1 through October 4.

There are two creation stories in Genesis. In the first, Genesis 1:1–2:4a, the earth was a formless void shrouded in darkness, and God said, “let there be light,” and there was light, and God saw that it was good. We can see in this account the increasing complexity of creation, and imagine God’s delight with each new step. “This is so good! Now let’s try this!”

In the second account, Genesis 2:4b–25, God begins by forming a person (adam in Hebrew means human being, not “man,” as it is translated most often) from the dust of the earth (adamah in Hebrew means ground or earth) and breathing into the human’s nostrils to give them life. Humans and the earth are not separate but spring from the same source. Neither are humans and God separate; without the breath of God humans are not alive.

Whichever of these accounts resonates most with you, I hope that you take time this month to reflect on these questions:

What does creation itself tell us about the nature of God? (Close your Bible and go outside, or take your open Bible outside)

How have we honored and worshiped God in creation? How have we contributed to creation’s thriving?

How have we sinned against God in creation? How have we participated in the destruction of creation? What might repentance look like?

How do our attitudes toward creation reflect and shape our ability to love God and our neighbors?

Our liturgies during this season will provide space for us to consider these questions as a community. After worship each Sunday we will learn more about how we can be better stewards of this glorious creation God has made. I hope that you will come to worship, wonder, and work with us.


Pastor Kristine