Beginning Maundy Thursday, we will be offering the common cup at communion. It will be a different experience than it was before the pandemic, but it is our hope that it will be equally nourishing. It is safe to drink from the common cup. It is much less safe to intinct (dip your bread in the cup). For that reason, intinction will not be an option. The choice is to drink from the cup or abstain. Please remember that communion in one kind (bread only) is full communion, and if you are uncomfortable partaking in the common cup for whatever reason you are welcome to abstain.

We will continue to serve communion at the bottom of the chancel stairs. The priest will stand in the middle of the aisle and the chalice bearer to her left as you are looking at the altar.

If you wish to receive in both kinds (bread and wine) –

As you approach the priest, if you are wearing a mask, lower it and put out your hands to receive. When you have received, consume the bread and step towards the chalice bearer, who will hold out the cup. You may guide it to your lips by holding the bottom and gently tipping it. After you have received, replace your mask if you are wearing one and return to your seat. If you are seated on the right side, please do not cross back in front of the priest; continue back on the left aisle and return to your seat from the back of the church.

If you wish to receive in one kind (bread only) –

Receive the bread as usual. You are invited to stop briefly at the chalice bearer to acknowledge the cup and hear the words; simply do not put out your hands. You are also free to return to your seat without stopping by the chalice. Do what makes you most comfortable.

There is no “right way” to receive communion, and all are welcome to receive in one or both kinds. As our practice continues to evolve, let us be gracious and gentle with ourselves and others.