Yes, we are lucky, it’s Téada!! Renowned Irish Band comes to town, February 23, 2020, St. Mary’s By-The-Sea, 3 p.m. matinee

Who/What:  A little Sligo magic will be in the air when Téada comes to town.  A great afternoon of traditional music is in store for you when you come to see this renown group, led by fiddler Oisín Mac Diarmada who you will recognize if you have attended any of the Irish Christmas In America concerts over the years. You may have been lucky enough to catch Oisin and his lovely wife, Samantha Harvey, who performed in our sanctuary in an amazing duo performance several years ago.  We welcome them back with the whole group!

When/Ticket Info:  February 23, 2020, 3 p.m. matinee, doors open at 2:30 p.m.  Advance purchase tickets available from our friends at

Where:  St. Mary’s By-The-Sea, Celtic Music Series, 146 12th Street and Central Ave., Pacific Grove, CA.

Media/contact:  For more information call or text 831-224-3819.


More about Teada:

One of Irish traditional music’s leading exponents, Téada is driven by a fascination for the timeless, expressive force of music inherited from previous generations of musicians.

An Irish band with a truly worldwide reach, Téada has appeared as a frequent headliner at major music festivals throughout the US, Canada, Mexico, Europe, Africa, Russia, Israel and Australia. Highlights include a 30,000-capacity stadium concert in Brittany, along with performances at Penang World Music Festival in Malaysia, Edmonton Folk Festival in Canada, Harare International Festival of the Arts in Zimbabwe, and Campeche International Festival in Mexico.

The group also received an invitation from the Irish Embassy in Rome during 2008 to perform at a commemorative event marking the 400th anniversary of the landmark event in Irish history known as “The Flight of the Earls.”

Founded by Sligo fiddler Oisín Mac Diarmada, Téada first came together in 2001 to make an

appearance on the innovative TG4 television series ‘Flosc’. With engaging textural arrangements, Téada, meaning “strings” in the Irish language revels in the vibrant traditional music of Ireland. Deftly playing up its structural intricacies while preserving the contagious energy inherent in the repertoire, the group strives to capture a sense of the rawness and individuality of the solo artist, within a modern group context.

Continuing to grow in vision and popularity, Téada recently welcomed a sixth member to the line-up, legendary West Kerry singer and accordionist Séamus Begley, winner of 2013 TG4 Traditional Singer of the Year. The band recently released a smashing new album – Ainneoin na stoirme / In spite of the storm – on the Gael Linn label.

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