All are welcome at God’s table

We worship together on Sunday mornings with a Rite One service at 8:00 am and a Rite Two Choral Eucharist at 10:00 am. Lay involvement includes lectors, chalice bearers, acolytes, ushers, greeters, Altar Guild, and choir.

Occasionally we have ventured into different worship formats, such as children’s services, an ecumenical Palm Sunday procession, Friday evening Taizé services, and a staged Tenebrae during Holy Week.

We value the traditional Sunday services. At the same time, we welcome the opportunity to experiment with creative liturgy, such as incorporating into the worship dramatic readings and poetry, linking liturgical variations to current world events, exploring alternatives to the Book of Common Prayer, and creating deep liturgy that connects with tradition while generating creative energy to open us up.

At our 10am Eucharist, we love to sing, both traditional favorite hymns and a variety of anthems and other songs.  Our choir and music program is meant not as an esoteric performance, but as a participatory part of our worship together.

We try to find forms of liturgy and music that will attract more young people and give greater scope to children. We also love finding ways to allow greater lay participation in worship.