As we travel this road together, you are invited to look for signs of grace every day

As we travel this road together, you are invited to look for signs of grace every day. Let’s share these with each other. So please, when you have a moment, send something to – it can be anything.

Here’s a contribution from Jackie Frey…


Sharing is good. Right?
But now I am uptight
No closeness, no touch
At least 6 feet apart
I’m safe from the virus
As I fall apart
Inside I’m a mess
Will my tears wash away
Any strains of this virus
That have travelled astray?
From those who are close by
My neighbor’s a threat
My dog is my partner
All the closeness I get
Please Lord, end this nightmare
Restore health and heal
Bring us together again
With love, safety and zeal

From David Wittrock:
Peg’s VW is parked outside our house. An adolescent dark-eyed Junco has been fighting with its reflection in the hubcaps. Spring is definitely here, but I wonder about the bird’s long-term survivability.

I have a new bee colony in my backyard, hived in 8-frame Langstroth equipment. The maidens are busy collecting pollen and bringing it back stuffed into the pouches on their back legs. Very active, very interesting.

From a parishioner…
Since the shelter in place orders set in and the streets became barren, I see grace in the stories of heroic caring for others from the doctors and nurses who are caring for the sick, researchers studying the virus and plotting trendlines to determine what might be next, to neighbors shopping for others, to making masks, to putting teddy bears in the windows for kids to find on scavenger hunts. It feels a bit like after 911.  Somber and serious but a unity that is undeniable.

From Lindsay Prudzynski…
On the morning of Palm Sunday, I read the scripture lessons allowed at a trailhead. My boys and I waved pine branches and yelled Hosanna as we walked a stretch of forest near our home. Then at 10am I received Pastor Kristine’s message via Zoom.

From Ann Pettit…
I find grace in the spring taking place around us.  Our odd times cause me to hear the birds more, and notice more often the incomparable natural beauty that surrounds us.