Pentecost – June 9
One Service at 9 a.m. and Festive Coffee Hour for the Lewis Family

Rev. Wendy HoweSunday, June 9 – the Day of Pentecost – is literally a “red-letter day” throughout the Church and therefore at St. Mary’s.  Some call it the Birthday of the Church, as we commemorate the coming of the Holy Spirit 50 days after Christ’s resurrection.  It is a day of celebration, a day to be joyful, and day to wear red!

At St. Mary’s this year, it is also the day that we will celebrate the time Fr. Jeff and his family have been among us.  Although we are sad to see them go, it will be a day to express our gratitude for Fr. Jeff’s energy, leadership, humor, and teaching.  The worship service will include a Leave-Taking Litany of gratitude and blessings, for Fr. Jeff, his family, and those of us who remain at St. Mary’s.  The Festive Coffee Hour* will be a time for more personal stories, memories, and appreciation. See you there!


*Thanks to Sharon Tiner, Ron Garcia, and the St. Mary’s Vestry