Church social event in the courtyard - people picnicking with food and drinks

Dear People of St. Mary’s,

Greetings from your Spirit and Stewardship Team! Has your “joy tank” been running a quart low lately? Has the pandemic got you down? For so many of us, it has been a disheartening slog. We are now moving forward again, so let’s reclaim our joy—together!

“Spirit” might be described as that irrepressible bubbly feeling that wells up inside and spills out all over. Love certainly feels that way.  When we are filled with God’s love, maybe we are like a great vintage, just waiting to be uncorked. To that end, we are planning some fun and engaging Spirit and Stewardship events as we move into fall. We hope you enjoyed our picnic this summer, and our Mad Hatter tea.  More spirit-filled events to follow!

At St. Mary’s we are truly blessed with deep love and connection.  Our history dating back to 1886 demonstrates the love and faith of those who came before: people who survived pandemic, war, economic depression, and other historic challenges.  They didn’t know us, but they invested in us, they loved us, and here we are.  It is now our turn to think deeply about our love for St. Mary’s and move forward. But, as we can all attest, love is just a clanging gong without commitment.

St. Mary’s vestry will be asking us to put our commitment in writing again this year.  A pledge card does not create a “bill,” it is a statement of intent, a tool that enables the vestry to prepare a budgetary road map for 2022.  This year, we have a special request: Please consider taking a fresh look at giving.  Instead of, or, in addition to formulas, past giving patterns or whatever you have used as a guide previously, we urge you to meditate deeply about the heart connection we have to each other and to this place we call our church home. Our vestry, too, will take a fresh look, setting aside the “business as usual” approach in favor of a budget that helps us grow joy, abundance and a vibrant future.  With the ever-present love of God and the help of the Holy Spirit, we can meet our goals together!

We have a few events planned, so please be sure to check the weekly newsletter. In addition to our “Pets of the Pandemic” calendar, we will be scheduling on-line discussions entitled “If Money Were No Object—Creating a St. Mary’s Wish List.” We are also planning an in-person stewardship in-gathering and harvest breakfast for November 7, 2021, following the 10 a.m. service. For questions about Spirit and Stewardship, or if you would like to be a part of our growing team, please contact Jackie Pierce, 831-224-3819,; or Elizabeth McCorkle, 410-916-9576,

Life is a banquet, let’s partake in the feast.  All are welcome at this table!

Yours in the Spirit,

Jackie Pierce and Elizabeth McCorkle
Spirit and Stewardship Team Leaders