St. Mary’s Stewardship and Spirit Mad Hatter Tea Party was held on August 22 at 2pm on the patio.  Fun and fellowship as we gathered to enjoy delicious snacks, tea, wine, music and each other.  Some wore their own hat creations while others were able to choose their favorite from a collection of hats that Jan Parks provided for the occasion.

Jackie Pierce kicked off the afternoon with a warm welcome and introduction to the annual stewardship campaign.  Music was provided by the Pastyme Players, a viola da gamba quartet who played while we nibbled on tea sandwiches, cookies, crackers and cheeses.  Fine wine and warm tea was served by members of the Spirit Team.  Special thank you to all who put this event together.

For information on stewardship contact your Spirt and Stewardship leaders, Jackie (831-224-3819) or Elizabeth (831-410-9576).