Vintage photo of St. Mary's By-The-Sea spotted in Facebook group: Vintage Images From The Monterey Peninsula.

New Photo Challenge Issued for Times and Tides!

This lovely photo was sent to use by our eagle-eyed account representative at The Monterey County Weekly, Arno Featherstone, who spotted this grand old lady on a Facebook site, Vintage Images From The Monterey Peninsula.  This fun Facebook site provides opportunity to peruse old pix, and creates a gallery to post those interesting old photos you are not sure what to do with!  Come to think of it, we could do the same on our website.

Feel free to send those old photos you may have stashed in a shoebox in the closet! If you were married, baptized or confirmed at St. Mary’s, or have some fun vintage shots to share, send them to and we will get them in the Times and Tides.  Don’t forget to include names and dates.