Stone Soup

Stone Soup at St. Mary’s usually occurs on the second Wednesday of every month, from 6 to 8 pm in Edwards Hall.

As in the legend of Stone Soup, we gather to simply show up and share “what we’ve got.” This gathering started in the fall of 2017 as a way to connect with others for support and fellowship in a small informal setting. At the time, it came out of a sense of loss after yet another mass shooting when many of were feeling a deep sense of frustration and sadness.

On a typical night, anywhere from 12 to 24 folks usually show up, often just adults, but sometimes there are a few youths present.

We open in a circle around the potluck table sharing how we’re doing that day and saying grace.

The potluck dinner is always magically bountiful and delicious.  At 6:45 we start with what is usually a Bible passage for contemplation and discussion. Sometimes we look at a whole book of the Bible and sometimes we take on a particular theme or idea. Usually Jeff teaches a bit about the historical context of the passage’s writer, and we take turns reading it aloud several times from a variety of Bible translations. The discussion often evolves into how we can use the reading to inform or support us in our daily lives.  We finish at 7:45 to clean up and head home at 8:00 – sharp.

Any and all are welcome, please come, you’ll find it something you look forward to every month!