Summer is a great time to read!

Summer is a great time to read, but not for the children of San Pablo.  When school is out, most of its Latino elementary school students experience significant summer learning loss because they do not read and do not have access to reading materials and do not read alone.

The Tutoring Program at San Pablo is eager to match summer reading partners between English-speaking adults and Latino students to simply read together two hours per week.  Students are looking for something to do and reading with a partner during the summer helps them maintain and/or improve their reading levels and advance social development.

I read with students last summer and my students enjoyed it so much they have continued reading with me through the school year. Teachers notice the difference, and it is a big shot of confidence to students when they notice the difference for themselves.  What’s more fun for a reader than sharing your favorite books?

Please consider becoming a reading partner, and if you want to know how to become one, please let me know:  P.S. High school students make great reading buddies!

Did you know:

  • The educational attainment rate (high school graduation) for Latinos in Seaside is 55%, one of the worst rates in the United States.
  • Mexican Americans are the largest and fastest growing Hispanic subgroup and have the lowest rates of educational attainment, the highest high school dropout rate, and continuously rank lowest in reading metrics.
  • Student enrollment in Monterey County is 79% Latino, second only to Imperial County.
  • Research shows that performance at fourth grade level indicates whether a student will graduate from high school.
  • By the end of 5th grade, struggling low-income readers of Spanish-speaking parents, especially Mexican Americans, are approximately 2 ½ years behind in reading ability their more affluent peers.

Reading with a student 2 hours per week x 10 weeks = 20 hours of reading, a small investment for a big payback.  Someone taught you to read, now pay it forward.

The Reverend Martin Juarez, San Pablo
Sharon Colgan, Good Shepherd