Dear people of St. Mary’s,

Many have no doubt read the book by C.S. Lewis, Surprised by Joy. C.S. Lewis had an emotionally difficult life, and this book is autobiographical, documenting some terribly grim abusive moments.  The end of the book is sensational, and is the reason for the title of the book, one of my favorite reads.  I was recently surprised by joy, so I want to share my moment with you.  As many of you know, I have been very burdened by the decision to move my mother into assisted living in Colorado.  I recently made the decision to make the transition, and with the aid of my sister and husband, accomplished the move.  Immediately, in her new surroundings, my mother seemed more comfortable and engaged.  The stimulation seemed to help her dementia.  She now has activities and friends. When I left her, I suggested we participate in a game of balloon volleyball.  We had a little warm-up session, just the two of us, and then others began to gather.  Balloon volleyball is brilliant, there is a net, we sit in chairs with badminton rackets and toss a balloon over the net.  I have to say, Mom is a slugger!  When I left her, she was still playing and laughing. I kissed her on the check and said goodbye to Mom and her new friends.  I left with a tear in my eye, surprised by joy once again, and renewed in the abundance of God’s love.  Want to share a moment?  Email me at, and please let me know if I can include your story in the newsletter, or whether it is a private share. Anyone up for balloon volleyball? Thank you for your love and support, St. Mary’s, you have really been there for me.

Jackie Pierce