A really big THANK YOU to Celeste Ventura, Darleen Trautsch, Karin Forno, Robert Daunt, Penny Portillo and the St. Mary’s Ringers (Brita Bruemmer, Rebecca Bruemmer, Peg Wittrock, David Wittrock, Ann Pettit, Kurt Schweickhardt) for your contributions last week for the “Holiday At The Inns” event! The Pacific Grove Chamber of Commerce invited St. Mary’s to participate since many visitors to Pacific Grove inquire at the Chamber office about this “little Red Church” with the beautiful stained glass windows.

We welcomed over 200 visitors to our sanctuary, provided a historical narrative of our community and buildings, and invited them to return for a Sunday service. Musical performances included “Carol of the Bells” by St. Mary’s Ringers followed by a Christmas hymns sing-along for all to enjoy.

-Submitted by Nicholas Mourlam and Kit Franke