The First Interview of The Little Red Church in the Pandemic – interviews by Karin Forno

The Rev. Wendy Salisbury Howe, Assisting Clergy, interviewed on 10/13/20

“I have the Bible, I have prayer, I have poetry, I have music. When I’m anxious, I cling onto those things. But they are not a magic bullet, I must say.” “I remember the reality that the world was changing really hit for me on March 14th, which was the Saturday before sheltering in place.  And the way it hit was that I realized that the library was going to close and that was huge and shocking and horrifying. And so at that point, the library was at Holman’s, so I raced over to that little library …and they have a section there that is just new books. I got a stack of seven or eight books. Right. ‘Well, I’m almost there.’ Yeah. What a joke that was.  And then a few days later, when things became official, I was thrust along with everyone else into that whole new world.”

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