Tutors Needed at San Pablo Apostol Episcopal Church in Seaside

January 11, 2022

Dear Friends:

We have been hearing more and more about the impact of Covid and its variants on children and their learning.  Just this morning I read yet another article in the New York Times about kids being behind in school.  One of the strategies given for getting kids up to date is more one-on-one time with parents, teachers, or tutors, but teachers are leaving school districts in record numbers and there is no money in school budgets for one-on-one tutoring.

This winter the Tutoring Program has been receiving more requests for tutors from parents of third and fourth grade students.  It makes sense that these students are being impacted: they were in first or second grade when the pandemic started and in second or third grade during a year of online classes.  By fourth grade, students start to write more about what they read, read more social studies text, and start learning multiplication and division.

This situation is why the Tutoring Program at San Pablo is so important for students, and successful reading and tutoring can be achieved through online meetings.  We all want to go back to in-person tutoring, but we simply don’t know when that will be possible.  The need is there, and if you aren’t sure about becoming a tutor, read with a child for two hours a week.  It will not only change their lives, it will also change yours.


The Reverend Martin Juarez  831-200-5775

Sharon Colgan  207-831-8844