Tutors Needed at San Pablo Apostol Episcopal Church in Seaside

The tutoring program at San Pablo Apostol Episcopal Church in Seaside has a waiting list of children who need tutors.

These children are bilingual and are in public schools, however, with predominantly Spanish speaking parents, they have never had help at home with math or reading or spelling.   Imagine going to school in your second language with no help at home.  These kids are bright, inquisitive, and behind, and they need our help.   Their parents are loving, hard working folks who want their children to succeed.

As a tutor, you commit to just one hour per week.  You get to choose the day and time you are available and the general grade level you would like to tutor.   You will be matched with a child that you will meet with each week.   Sometimes the child will bring homework, sometimes you’ll be using a grade level workbook that the program provides.  You may also bring in any materials you think would be helpful (library books, games, flashcards, etc).   You will be working in English, no Spanish necessary.

I have been working with the same child for a year and a half, and while sometimes it feels like an hour a week will never be enough, I believe my student enjoys coming and I am making a small difference in her life.  I know it has been rewarding for me.

Please join me – talk to me, Brita Bruemmer, at Coffee Hour or contact me by email at dearbrita@hotmail.com