Update on The Little Red Church in the Pandemic

by Karin Forno


Dear St. Mary’s family, I want to let you know that the timeline for the completion of the book, The Little Red Church in the Pandemic, has been adjusted. Instead of setting a deadline at the end of February, I’m making the completion date open. A lot of people are participating which is wonderful, and I still have many of you to contact and schedule for interviews. I want to write the best book possible. I will let you know when I get closer to completion and have a completion date in mind. Right now I know that the end of February is too soon. I am enjoying the deep thinking of so many of you and being able to see the uniqueness of each person which I want to highlight. At the same time, I feel the challenge of representing you each with honesty and love. I covet your prayers as I continue interviews and writing. I hope to speak with each one of you soon. Thank you so much for your participation and support.

Yours in Christ, Karin Forno