When Angela and I moved to Pacific Grove last summer, one of my top priorities – after joining the local Episcopal parish of course – was to join a bridge group. When you are hooked, you are hooked. I found that the available groups on the Peninsula were either very basic or serious duplicate competitions. I was looking for something in between:  a small, friendly group for intermediate players where people discuss the bidding and learn from each other, while having lots of fun.

Finding none, I had no choice but to create one. One day last Fall at Coffee Hour, I ran into Sarah Myers and soon found out that she was a good bridge player and interested in participating.  Being a local, Sarah knew a lot of people, so we were off and running. We meet in the Godly Play room (I did not know that bridge was Godly, but now I know), Mondays from 1 to 4pm. We started with two tables, but soon moved to three, and this week for the first time we will have four tables. There promises to be mayhem in the Godly Play room this afternoon with 16 adults in a room for the little ones! We are honored by the participation of Don Fennell, who often treats us to platters of his delicious home-made pastries! If bridge does not tempt you to join us, surely Don’s delights will!!

Jean Blondeau