Labyrinth Garden

St. Mary’s is planning to transform the current “front yard” of the parish grounds from cracked sidewalks, an unsightly hedge, and mulch to a beautiful, sustainable, welcoming multi-purpose space for worship, personal spiritual growth, rest, and fellowship for the parish and entire community. Located on a busy corner in Pacific Grove, this outdoor space will be open and accessible to all.

The centerpiece is a patio, roughly 1700 square feet, made of permeable concrete pavers. A 32-foot diameter wheelchair-accessible labyrinth is the highlight of the patio. We plan to use the patio for outdoor worship and church fellowship events as well as for community events such as prayer services, Friends of the Library events, outdoor memorials and celebrations, the annual Blessing of the Animals, and other activities as the Spirit leads us. The labyrinth will be available to all, any time of day, year-round (except when events are planned).

There will be roughly 1200 square feet of garden area. We will keep the existing palm tree and the rest will be planted with drought-resistant, wildlife-friendly (including our beloved Monarch butterflies) native plants. We hope to include a “Biblical” garden area as an educational element.

The estimated budget for the project is $160,000. St. Mary’s is seeking both grants and individual donations to complete the project.

Tradition of Events in our Front Yard

St. Mary’s has a long tradition of church and community events in its front yard, such as outdoor worship services, a temporary labyrinth, and Pacific Grove’s Good Ol’ Days. We look forward to expanding access and usability for future events in this space by completing this project.

Design for Labyrinth Garden