“...for my house shall be called a house of prayer for all people.” Isaiah 56:7


You have found the dynamic, friendly and inclusive Christian community that is St. Mary’s by the Sea Episcopal Church. Whether a visitor to the area, new arrival or long-time resident; military, civilian, retired or unemployed; single or partnered; with children or not; if you seek a unique and nurturing place where you (and your family) can belong, deepen your relationship with God, and help make a difference locally and around the world, this is the place for you. Please join us.

St. Mary’s by the Sea is an Episcopal parish founded in 1886 in the Diocese of El Camino Real—which is a member of the Worldwide Anglican Communion. We are located in Pacific Grove—also known as “America’s Last Hometown” on California’s spectacular Central Coast, and just one block away from the beautiful Pacific Ocean.

Godly Play
Sunday School

Our kids enjoy Godly Play where they learn about the church through stories and activities. We have 2 Godly Play rooms, for grades pre-K to 2, and 3 to 5. We also have a toddler room and Youth Group.

The goal of Godly Play is to enable children to use sacred story, parable, liturgical action, and silence to become more aware of the mystery of God’s presence in their lives and in the community of children gathered for worship. Every Sunday the biblical story is followed by a time of reflection when the worshipping community of children and teachers engage in open, shared dialogue about the story with one another, guided by the storyteller. This time of reflection is followed by a time of active response. Children choose from a variety of good quality art materials such as watercolors, clay, tempura paints, felt, shells, wood, markers or colored pencils. They create their own responses to the lesson. Some children prefer to hear another story or will take down a story from the shelves and work with it on their own. The teachers’ primary concern is that work is a result of the child’s own creativity.